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Inside the Core Box

This model provides a 3D view of the drill results released publicly by San Gold Corp. The 3D model is controlled with your mouse. Moving the slider up selects for higher-grade strikes. 
(Model Provided Courtesy of

See the Core Holes on Google Earth

You can also see these core hole locations using Google Earth. The Google Earth menu (usually along the left side of the page) organizes the core hole names by date released and provides the start point, end point, interval length and grade for each hole.

NOTE: The information provided on this page is generated by external parties. While San Gold understands this information to be true and accurate, it is important to clarify that San Gold did not generate this information and therefore cannot confirm its accuracy. This information should be used for illustrative purposes only. Any decisions made in relation to this information should not be made without first consulting the original press releases. If any problems are found with this information, please report them immediately to .

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