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Rice Lake Mine

The Rice Lake Mine was originally built in 1934 and remains a core part of operations. It reaches 5,500 feet below the surface along two shafts. The 4,050 foot A-shaft connects to a 5,000 foot railway crosscut which in turn connects to the 900 foot D-shaft and spiral ramp that descends another 760 feet. 

The A-Shaft current has a capacity of approximately 12,000 tpd, although the Company anticipates this may be increased to 18,000 tpd with minimal capital expenditure. 

Historically, various mining methods have been employed in the Rice Lake Mine, including shrinkage, panel, longhole and cut and fill. The main methods used today are the same as in the Hinge and 007 mines, relying primarily on longhole mining with some mechanized cut and fill. While ore is skipped to surface using A-Shaft, ramp development is the primary method for accessing new zones within the Rice Lake mine.

Current Operations

Operations in the Rice Lake mine are currently focussed on development in two main areas, on 16 and 26 Level:

  • On 16 Level of the Rice lake mine, the Company has constructed a new tracked haulage drift in close proximity to the down-dip extensions of the Hinge district zones approximately 720 metres below surface. Definition drilling is currently underway at nearby targets associated with the L10, 08 and 6163 veins. Mining operations are expected to commence in 2014. The following graphic illustrates the location of the 16 Level development in relation to the projected down-dip extensions of these zones.


  • On 26 Level of the Rice Lake mine, operations are ongoing in the 84 and 98 vein. The ramp used to mine the 84 vein is also providing operational access to historic 24 Level deposits including the 63, 91 and 64/75. Drilling on these deposits is scheduled to commence in 2014 to confirm historic results and assist in modeling efforts ahead of mining operations later in the year. The following graphic provides a graphic illustration of these zones adjacent 24 and 26 level infrastructure.

  • Definition drilling at the far eastern extent of 26 Level has also identified a new deposit, called the 710 HW zone. Highlights from these results can be seen in the following graphic. The 710 HW zone is located adjacent a basalt unit in the hanging wall of the San Antonio Mine (SAM) unit. A 300 metre access drift has been constructed to access this region and mining operations are underway.

The Rice Lake Mine contains reserves of 69,300 ounces (374,700 tons at 6.34 grams per ton), measured plus indicated resources [inclusive of reserves] of 235,400 ounces (996,500 tons at 8.10 grams per ton), and inferred resources total 488,500 ounces (1,709,800 tons at 9.8 grams per ton). The zone is open at depth below the lower mine level.

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