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Hinge District

The Hinge district was discovered in 2007. This discovery arrived soon after the discovery of the Cartwright and SG1 deposits. While Cartwright and SG1 are notable deposits in their own right, the high grade of the ore located close to surface indicated The Hinge district made it the clear target region to develop as San Gold's second mining unit.

The Hinge district was also the first major discovery San Gold made outside the San Antonio Mine (SAM) unit. For many decades, the SAM unit has been the principal region of exploration. Recently, however, this theory has been challenged with much success. While there are some important differences in the methodology that led to the discovery of the Hinge district and 007 deposit, the fact that both zones lie outside the SAM marks a substantial new phase in the project's approach to gold exploration.

Current Operations

The Hinge district is comprised of multiple lenses and veins located in close proximity to each other. Operations are currently focused on the L10, 08 and 6163 deposits and the primary mining method within these regions is currently longhole mining with some mechanical cut and fill. Mining is currently taking place approximately 500 metres below surface and definition drilling is currently underway from 16 Level of the Rice Lake Mine. Mined ore is currently driven to surface by truck.

The Hinge district contains reserves of 43,400 ounces (382,600 tons at 3.88 grams per ton), measured plus indicated resources [inclusive of reserves] of 78,900 ounces (577,100 at 4.69 grams per ton), and inferred resources of 204,500 ounces (1,564,300 tons at 4.48 grams per ton).

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